Thermal Cameras

See the heat.

The problem

Keep production facilities running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, avoid costly breakdowns, improve installation reliability. These issues are the order of the day in every industry.

The solution

Implement a diagnostic program based on infrared thermography. The thermal imaging cameras we offer offer all the features necessary to perform quick and accurate thermographic inspections.

Why use infrared thermography

We have prepared a playlist on YouTube entirely dedicated to thermography, between theory and advice.

Application areas

Electrical Inspections

Quickly identify hidden problems, make timely repairs, prevent unplanned shutdowns and improve plant safety.

machanical Inspections

Discover overheating of connections, bearings and other components before they can cause unexpected interruptions in the activity or create security risks.


Fast and efficient scanning of large areas and hundreds of connections to prevent unforeseen service interruptions and economic losses.

Building diagnostics

Thermal imaging cameras allow easy detection of even the smallest moisture infiltration, saving money through targeted repairs rather than full replacements.


Some FLIR thermal imaging cameras are able to measure temperatures up to 2000 ° C, in order to monitor refractory surfaces and high temperature processes from a safe distance. FLIR thermal imaging cameras allow detection of underground steam leaks and many other problems.


Thermal imaging cameras are suitable in any field where prevention is necessary: from controls of electrical and mechanical systems, to aeronautical, automotive, medical, veterinary, aqueduct, botanical, wind, photovoltaic, marine, etc.

Thermal Cameras models

To ensure the correct functioning of the equipment, reliable measurement tools are needed to solve problems, which can identify and report problems quickly. This is why infrared cameras are indispensable. They allow to identify the heat, imperceptible to the naked eye, given by the electrical resistance and mechanical wear, with sufficient advance to avoid dangers and expensive interruptions.

When you can identify potential problems before they become emergencies, your work becomes much easier. Thermography allows you to dedicate valuable time and resources to critical areas and actively take care of your plants, assets and systems without being content to react to unexpected failures.

Detect crucial problems before they occur with thermography and infrared cameras.

FLIR Thermal Cameras

  • E4, E5, E6, E8
  • E40, E50, E60
  • T420, T440, T460
  • T600, T620, T640, T660

FLUKE Thermal Cameras

  • Series Performance: TiS10, TiS20, TiS40, TiS45, TiS50, TiS55, TiS60, TiS65, TiS75
  • Series Professional: Ti200, Ti300, Ti400
  • Series Expert: TiX500, TiX520 e TiX560


Training courses for infrared

Although all our thermal imaging cameras are designed to allow maximum ease of installation and operation, thermography implies a lot more than the correct use of a thermal imager, so we are happy to share our knowledge with our customers and other interested parties.

This is why we frequently organize training and certification courses and seminars. We also organize internal training on request at companies, so that you or your staff can become familiar with the thermography and its applications.

All our instructors are specialists in infrared thermography. In addition to a profound theoretical knowledge they boast practical experience on numerous applications. For our clients, participation in a course gives a real practical learning experience.

Following one of our courses you can become expert thermographic operators.

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