Ignition Systems

Safe and reliable ignition systems

HE Igniters

High energy ignition devices HE are the best solution to ignite all kind of fuels, and also the perfect solution to ignite oils and liquid fuels. Spark generation is not affected by the presence of dirt or humidity on the electrodes fitted inside the burner. This because the two electrodes of the spark plug are sealed by semiconductor pellets. Given the high power, HE devices are also used to replace pilot torches and directly ignite main burners.


HT Igniters

High Voltage “HT” ignition power units represent the cheapest ignition solution available in our range, given the simplicity of the structure – the spark plug is often a simple ceramic insulated electrode. These simple devices generate an electric arc from the output of an ignition transformer (at 6 or 8 kV) with low power (150/300 W). They are suitable to ignite mainly gas fuels, as they do not well tolerate high thermal stresses, humidity and combustion residuals between the electrode terminals. TESI provide a wide range of spark plugs, also suitable for explosion-proof areas.


Reliable ignition systems

Portable Igniters

In order to facilitate the ignition of burners not equipped with their own ignition system, TESI designed and developed a portable ignition device. Portable ignition devices are the best solution also to solve existing igniters failures or in case of emergency. These systems provide High Energy sparks, suitable to ignite all kind of fuels even in tough applications. The rechargeable battery pack is loaded by a built-in charger circuit fitted to the grid, through the SCHUKO plug cable supplied.


Power Supplies

All HE and HT power supplies can be produced in explosion-proof ATEX II 2GD for Ex-d IIB or Ex-d IIC, for fixed or portable use. The various versions are accompanied by appropriate certification documentation.


Connection Cables

Each ignition system is equipped with appropriate connection devices.

The connection cables are available for lengths on request, and are available in different configurations to meet the needs of the classified area and temperature.